Always seeking adventure

I am a BIG dreamer by heart.

I often find myself just wandering away into my own thoughts and seem to forget everything arround me.

don’t know if it is a good or bad thing though ?

My opinion is , that sometimes you need to give your self a break in order to find yourself again.

I’ve been curios and open minded as long as I remember.

And even before I remember anything my mother has informed me. I had very little sleep when I was a baby since I was so curios and that of course included my parents too, since I had to make sure to keep them up to so I had something to entertain me.

But then again. For me it was a good thing – although others might not think so.

I have always been very passionate about things that make me curios. That’s how I got into politics, how I started my own brand, how I started seeking adventure outside my comfort zone and started inviting foreign  strangers into my home, giving them a place to stay, food and a little piece of my heart.

By foreign strangers I mean Couch Surfers. This amazing community of people all over the world gathered by kindness, being open  minded and curios.

Even though some might say it is much safer to do what you know and stay in your comfort zone, I can’t  agree.

If you never do anything you are intimidated of, just because you are afraid to fail and what you might feel – you will live life wondering how it would have been and regretting not trying.

passionately curious

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