Ask Your Self – What if money didn’t matter ?

I saw this video on Facebook the other day and it just blew me away!

After dwelling on the words and thinking a lot about it. I decided it is never to late.

I am starting over with a clean plate.

I’ve always been living the life everyone has expected me to live although I’ve been a dreamer and had lots of plans on my own, I’ve never thought it would be possible to follow my dreams.

I went straight from high school to business school and then straight from Business school to be an apprentice and then I have worked in office ever since then. Even though working in office has never been a dream or passion of mine – it was what was expected of me and I belived it was my only option.

Now as I have gotten older I realize this is not at all what I want to do with my life.

I’ve actually quit my Job  now, taking a pause from politics and going on a long vacation/journey to Canada and America this May. That is what I wan’t to do and I’m doing it – Finally!

Also I have applied for Cooking school and starting an education in Gastronomy this fall.

More to come….

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