Faroese tradition – DIY


A faroese tradition has always been to DIY. Whether it’s knitting, sewing, crochet or something totally different most faroese people know how to do something. Today I was at work for the Faroese Homemade company – a community with members of all ages and from everywhere around the islands.
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Pop Up Shop – Soul Made


Yesterday Soul Made opened their pop up shop in Tórshavn. So me an john went for a look.
I love their new collection, especially the trench coat, navy blue and stunning!! Unfortunatly I forgot to take a photo, but I’ll see if I can find a photo online.
But john was so sweet to buy me a jacket and dress from last years collection. I love both and will for sure be wearing them tomorrow.
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In The Name Of Love


I went to a wedding yesterday and what a beautiful one it was too!

First the ceremonial was in the small village of Rituvík. Very intimate and beautiful.

The preacher combined a marriage to a beautiful box.  Everything seams so perfect and beautiful but after we get married and “open the box” we soon learn that it isn’t always as easy as we would think and the box is empty. Being married means that you have to fill up the box your self. But how?

His advice was to always remember to acknowledge one and other, spend time together, love, cherish, say sweet things to one and other, hug, kiss, be impulsive, spoil and do everything in your power to show your husband/wife that you love them. So that when the hard times come the box will be full and ready to take out of without becoming empty. The most important thing is to never let the box become empty. In short – “if you say/do something bad – remember to always say/do something good to”! Continue reading



So me and Maria arrived safely to Svínoy with the helicopter, little did we know that getting home would be the hard part.

Upon arrival to Svínoy we figured that the smart thing to do would be to ask someone where to catch the ferry back to the mainland.

The man at the helicopter pad told us that there were two places that the boat usually got in on the island and showed us where those were but the last part kinda got us worried – He said “If the boat even can come today!”.

Little did we know that the sea weather around the island wasn’t that good and just kept getting worse. So we had to hope for the best, but expect the worst. And that we did!

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