Treasure Hunting


My youngest brother told me about this treasure he had found down by our barn last summer and asked if I could come see if it was still there.

At first, I must admit I didn’t really belive him. But then my mother assured me that it was true and we went treasure hunting, my brother, me and Lady!

Indeed we found a treasure and figured out that the treasure actually is a part of a world-wide game called Geocaching – GPS.

It actually seems like a great deal of fun and I found out on their website that their 94 treasures hidden arround in The Faroe Islands.

It would be fun to try to find more of these treasures! And I sure know that my brothers will love to be a part of it.

Go chek out their website to see if you can find any treasures in your own country –




The treasures


Even people from Australia have been in Æðuvík searching and finding the treasure.


We got some stuff out of the box 😉


And put something else in off course .


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