Why Are We Still Here?


The big discussion in The Faroe Islands at the moment is that way to many people are moving from our country.

Yesterday me and Maria went to yet another event and political discussion about this subject. The event was in The Nordic House in Tórshavn.

This time a panel of skilled people had made some research and written a book about how to “save” our country.



And as a quite common thing for my homeland, we had no power for a couple of hours. A so called Black Out!  So all we could do was wait.




Some knittid art at the Nordic House.


We went to Baresso for some iceblend before it started.


Yay!! Tiger is opening in the shopping mall in Tórshavn. First Tiger shop in the Faroes.

So why are we still here? For me I have to say it’s my close connection to my family, the beautiful nature and the love of being able to take a break from everything, just breathing in fresh air in the middle of no where!

Even though I might hate everything about The Faroe Island from time to time.. I still can live for that one day a mount where the weather is great, the people are smiling and every thing is OK! 😉 This is my Home and no matter what it will always be my home.


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