Oblivion – What a Movie!


Last Thursday I went to the cinema with some of my friends. And since two of them are guys we usually end up watching either a horror ( Witch we LOVE)  or some action/science fiction movie.

And I can tell you right away that I am not a fan of action/science fiction!

But this movie! It was actually really good and managed to hold us girls quiet during the entire movie ( Says a lot about it, since us women have a tendency to talk when we get bored).

And I have to say. Who knew Tom Cruise looked that good?

The movie is going in the cinema in The Faroe Islands at the moment and I will recommend it for sure.

There is a love story in it and even a triangle drama, but I won’t say any more.

So If you want to do something nice for your boyfriend/ husband or just friend. Book tickets for this one. You will make them happy and will actually for once like the movie, even if it’s Action/ science fiction.

My husband really wants to see Kon Tiki or Olympus has Fallen. So I guess I’ll go with him to see one of those in the nearest future.



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