Giveaway <3

Now I think it is time for a giveaway competition huh?

Since I launched my blog 48 post ago, I have already gotten over 550 followers on Facebook and WordPress! How cool is that?

When I started I didn’t even think of followers or even other people than my family and friends would read it.

I sure am great full for every single like, comment and look I get 🙂 Hopefully you like what you see.

All you have to do is to like my Facebook page found here and write a comment about what you think I should blog more about or what you like so far.

The winner will get one of these wallets By Olafsdóttir. I might even find two or tree winners If there are many who participate.

Everyone is welcome to join the competition.

The winner will be found one week from now – 06.05.2013 and will be announced on facebook and get a direct e-mail from me.

Good luck and thank you! ❤

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