Farmers Girl


Growing up my grandfather was a sheep farmer – and I sure loved that. I loved to help out and be around the sheep every day. So even though I moved to the city when I turned 18 I still know a thing or two about raising and treating sheep. And as a matter of fact I still enjoy being around the sheep – as one of my favorite animal

So now when my parents have taken over the family sheep farm I still get to help out. Especially this time of year when all the little lambs are being born there is a lot of work to be done, making sure everything goes smoothly.


This little lamb lost it’t mother due to sickness, so he had to get a new mom that also had lost it’s little lamb


But allthough that sounds very ideal that that would work – it isn’t always easy in the beginning. The lambs are happy to get a new mother and food, but the mothers not so much. So I had to help the lamb out a little by holding the mom so it could get some milk.


It did’t go that well, so I had to give it some supplementary baby milk from a bottle too.


But hey! This is only day 1 so alot can happen. It takes time to get used to everything.


Bob wanted to come in and say hi!


He loves eating – ALOT!


And likes company and scratches too. Although he looks a bit big and strong, he is the sweetest thing. Very gentle and calm.


Grumpy in the back is a bit harder to get in on. We just need to give him time.

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