First impression of America


My first impression of America was/is Wow! Everything really is as big and bigger that expected.


Even the onions are huge!

So far we have only seen seattle from the air and some from the taxi and our short walk yesterday. We are speechless of how big it is, comming from the small Faroe Islands of 49.000 people to this. And little me from Æðuvík with 100 inhabitants. Can you imagine?


Hehe just the store got us amazed. Everything was just so big and came in so many variations. In the Faroes we are Lucky if it comes in as much as two variations.


And the prices! Now that’s a thing that wasn’t big – insanely cheap. Strawberries for 2$ really?



And all the baking essentials. Really a bakers paradise.


And of course we had to try a real American cookie. Yum! It’s SO good!


So all in all an awsome first impression and can’t wait to experience more.


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