Day 7 – Leaving Vancouver / Hello Lac La Hache


Today we had to say goodbye to Vancouver and our host there. Because now we are going to be at Helena Lake Ranch for 4 weeks.


So we got up at 7 am to make breakfast for everyone. Eggs, bacon, toast and pancakes. We fealt that it was the least we could do after such a lovely stay. Vancouver is beautiful and the people there even more so.


Our impression has been that everyone is really nice and always ready to help if we looked just kinda lost.


Our plane to Williams Lake was a bit different than I expected it to be. It only took 19 passengers and fitted one person on each side. So REALLY small. Most terrifying fligth I ever had, but oh boy was it worth it!


Flying in to Williams Lake airport was amazing- the view at least.


We were picked up at the airport by Amber, our host for the next 4 weeks and drove to the Ranch. Our jaws literally dropped when we pulled up to the ranch. What an amazing ranch and atmosphere. The first thing to greet us were these two giant dogs, friendly and cute though.


And can you belive it? A faroese flag!! How cool is that?? A Faroese flag in the middle of Canada. We sure were and still are speechless over the fact that they would buy a Faroese flag to welcome us and make us feel more at home. Simply amazing.


This trailer is our home on the ranch at the moment. Rigth down by the lake and even with some chairs and everything outside. Our private little space. Love it!


The outhouse


All with a beautiful view over the lake. I can’t believe we are really here.

Tomorrow morning we will start working and healping out at the ranch with all the animals.


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