Day 11 – A Foodies Paradise


Imagine having fresh supplies fir cooking and baking every day. I have that at the moment and oh boy am I enjoying it!! Straigth from the cow and goat. Tastes way better than the processed food we buy at the store.

My project of the day was goat’s cheese – cream cheese. Challenge accepted!


So I decided to make cupcakes. With my regular cupcake resipe and useing cremed goat cheese unstead of sourcream and honey + coconut sugar instead of sugar. And to make it really healthy coconut oil instead of butter.


The batter turned out really smoothly.


Allthough the cupcakes didn’t really rise as much as they suppose to. Just have to make a few alterrations next time.


But they tasted kinda awsome I have to admit. Especially with the homemade vanilla bean icecream I made the other day and blueberries.


As I was in the mood for bakeing I made some buttermilk buns while I was at it.


With and without raisins as John isn’t really a big fan of raisins.


So yet another day in beautiful British Columbia had passed. And we enjoyed every minute of it.


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