Day 15 and 16- Babies!


There sure are a lot of babies going on at this funny farm at the moment. And by babies I mean baby animals ofcourse.


John usually feeds the pigs and they are already starting to get use to him and following him arround if he comes by. I recon this little Babe is kinda cute eh?


Now the goats on the other hand are my area and I’m beginning to quite like then. The are so tame and gentle creatures, even the babies.


They come running rigth up to us if we are near. And with there fluffy ears who can refuse this little one?


Even wild birds are having babies under the pourch. These are probably justca few days or even q few hours old.


This poor turkey however does not have any babies. Allthough she us trying ever so hard. Unfortunately
Laws of nature require a male in order for her to achieve motherhood.


This proud father has chiks of his own.

They are so small and petite, but fortunately their mother takes very good care of them.


The cats have kittens too but they are hiding under the barn, so we haven’t been able to get any pictures yet.


I don’t know if it’s in the water, air or maybe just nature having it’s way – there sure are a lot of babies and the odd this is that there are more to come. We are expecting more pigs, goats and calfs soon and who knows what else? Hopefully me and John will benefit from staying here, only time will show.

** sorry about the late blog post, a combination if bad internet and lots of work makes it a bit hard to post every day sometimes.

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