Day 18 – In The Middle Of Nowhere


I would have to say that we are quite insulated here at Helena Lake. Our closest neighbor is 5 km away ans inti Williams Lake, the big town is 1 hour. So I’ll say it’s pretty far away from civilization.


Not that it’s a bad thing, not at all. Just look at it, it’s stunningly beautiful and so quiet out here. Just listening to birdsong and caotes haul at nigth is actually peaceful. I know to most The Faroe Islands migth seam insulated and Æðuvík even more so, but it’s nothing like this.


But ofcourse Amber has a car, so it is fairly easy to get to Williams Lake. So she took us with her to town to run some errands and seeca movie. First we went to Canadian Tries, the ultimate canadian shop some would call it.


And no they don’t sell just tires. The store is huge and I’m almost sure they sell everything but food.


Even horns for your truck, how redneck is that?


After seing the movie on salmon farming and how it affects the wild salmon in British Columbia. Shocking btw! We went to Walmart for some grocery shopping.


Being our first time in Walmart we had a quick look arround and we didn’t even go to see everything. It’s huge!


Even the space between the shelfs was huge. You could literally drive a car though there.
Anyways we had a good time and the movie was both good and educational. On our way home we stopped at a drive in to get some root beer, wich is actually a soda or pop as they call it here. It tasted funny but in a good way – almost like the blue packed bubble gum we got as kids.

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