Digging It – Liljan Sa For The Home


I’ve been fascinated by the faroese brand Liljan Sa for quite a while now and LOVE the color combinations. She sure knows how to catch the eye. Although she makes a wide variety of cool stuff, I will focus on articles for the Home in this blog.


The thing that first caught my eyes some years ago now, are these beautiful stools/puffs. Aren’t they cool? I really consider buying one when we move into our new house.





And these pictures!!! SO awesome! The are all pearled pictures and I’m pretty sure the patterns are her own too. A friend of mine got one of these as a wedding present and It was amazingly cool. I could see it fitting in any home as a decorative picture, lighting up an entire room by it self. I just can’t decide which one I like the most, so therefore I post all the pictures.



These shelfs are cool too. Maybe in the kitchen or a child’s room?


She has lots of other cool stuff too, check out her facebook profile – It’s called Liljan Sa .

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