The Key To Success


Many people spend their entire life searching for the key to success, but unfortunately we tend to forget why and for whom we are doing it for.

My personal opinion is that we should be doing things not to please others, but in order to please our selves.

Allthough many have got that wrong. Wether it is your friends, family, boss or anyone else – stop for a minute and ask your self why?

Does it make you happier if other people approve of you? Even if what they like you for is being someone you are not?

Belive me, I know what I’m talking about.

Ever since I was a little girl I lived to achieve success in every thing. Especially making friends and getting them to accept me for who I was.

But guess what? Not until I stopped trying to please everyone, I actually was beginning to succeed.

Don’t get me wrong I love making other people happy, but not in order to please them to achieve success.

I find it way more important to spend time with people I really care about and do things that make me happy.

2 thoughts on “The Key To Success

  1. This is an extremely valuable insight. We often spend way to much time pleasing others and living other people’s dreams than making ourselves happy and living our own dreams. You cannot make yourself happy if you are pleasing others. We are the only ones that can control our lives and we as individuals determine this.

    • So true. I’m thankful that I had the courage to say “fuck it” and take the chance to do my own thing, with amazing support from my husband! Hopefully other people will take this to their heart and go for what they truly believe in and want.

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