Victoria = Amazing!!


So we just arrived in Victoria on Monday night and went to explore a bit of the city yesterday, with a little walk around. But Wow! This city sure has a lot to offer and so much to see. We didn’t even come half way through yesterday, so it’s a good thing that we are here for 4 more days.


We arrived on the ferry after a 6 hour drive from Lac La Hache. We got a ride with some really nice people from Victoria all the way to where we are staying.


Although getting here was an 8 hour journey, it didn’t seem that long. There was a lot too see on our way and traveling with the right people makes a huge different too if i might add.


But we were still tired upon our arrival, so we were happy to just go to bed early and go exploring yesterday instead. And oh boy am I happy we did, we went for a very long walk yesterday.


Even the walk from where we are staying to the city centre was fascinating, with a lot of things to see and admire.


One thing that I noticed right away was all the beautiful gardens and flowers. It’s very colorful and smells awesome. As Reese would say

I love it!


And you know what? There are not even a significant amount of insects (have in mind mosquitoes) here. That is just perfect! I think me and John sure could use a break from being eaten live.


We walked along the seaside for about half an hour before we got into the centre, but the walk was beautiful and made us feel somewhat at home, since we haven’t seen the sea for for weeks.


All tough we didn’t see any whales quite yet, we are planning to go on a whale safari one of these days. Victoria is quite proud of its orcas and one could understand why.


But we did however see lots of birds, really tame birds I must add. And we saw some seals to, but unfortunately I wasn’t really prepared with the camera to take a picture of them. But I’m sure we will see more of them here.


We also went to chinatown, just for a peak and will be going back there today for some Chinese food and some more pictures.


One thing I can tell you for sure is that we love Canada! This trip is one of our best decisions ever taken. Everything just seems to amaze us, especially the people! Canadians are the nicest and friendliest people in the world.

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