Soul Made Faroe Islands – Still in LOVE!!

The faroese designer brand Soul Made is now Soul Made Faroe Islands. But the new name doesn’t change my love for the brand and their amazing sense for basic design every woman needs in here wardrobe.



The pictures in this blog only feature a few of my still to own designs and I am sure there are many more to come. My husband sure knows what to get me for christmas this year, as long as it’s by Soul Made Faroe Islands I am happy.

On their website they describe the brand this way:

Since its establishment in 2005, the Faroese fashion brand Soul Made has gained worldwide recognition by being a brand with respects for female versatility, and at the same time presenting something different and unique with a Nordic touch.
Rooted in the Faroe Islands, an isolated island group in the North Atlantic Ocean, Soul Made combines unique fragments of traditional Faroese hand knitting with feminine, modern and classic designs. It is a highly trend-aware brand with a focus on quality to fit the classical wardrobe.

Head designer, Beinta Poulsen, says that the Faroese landscapes with their rare weather conditions serve as inspiration to her. The constant interplay between rough / mild and dark / light, which is characteristic of the Faroe Islands, is reflected in the collection with the ground idea of knitwear always being present in most pieces. This bringing together of Faroese traditional knitwear with a clean Nordic expression provides a look of authenticity – an expression appealing to women worldwide.



And I couldn’t agree more. I am for sure in love with this brand and my wardrobe is already full of their collections. Simply because of their simplicity, ageless design and most of all the ability to wear their Items with almost everything at any time.


The Trench Coat from Soul Made was a faithful companion on my recent trip to North America and Canada. As was my blazer and my favorite shirt, that unfortunately got lost during the trip nd is now sold out – but believe me I will be first in line to repurchase this shirt when it comes out for christmas.

Even my mother has become a fan and my grand mother too, they both really want the sweater I bought last week.

If you are curious to know more about the brand please visit their website at

Or follow them on Facebook for news and updates –

I already am and sure am loving their new collection, hopefully you are too.

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