Recipe Tuesday – Easy and delicious Chocolate Cake


As a new thing to my blog I have decided to dedicate Tuesdays to my love for cooking, baking and food. This means that every Tuesday I will share a recipe that I love.
This weeks recipe is one of my all tine favorites – chocolate cake, I even made this as our wedding cake, since both me and my husband love it!

First of all preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

All you need is:

500 grams of all purpose flour
450 grams of sugar
3 table spoons of coco
1 the spoon of baking soda
1 the spoon of vanilla

—-> MIX together in a bowl

Then add:

4 big table spoons of sour cream
175 grams of melted butter or margarine
2 eggs
some water or milk, until the dough gets a bit softer. ( I use about quarter of a cup)

——- > MIX it all together with a big spoon

Put the dough in a round cake pan and into the oven.

Usually the cake takes about 40 – 45 minutes to bake.

For frosting i usually use:

250 grams of mint chocolate bar
About 150 grams of powdered sugar
a little bit of boiled water.

First of all you need to melt the chocolate, by mixing it with boiled water and then you add the powdered sugar.

For our wedding we made both the cake stand and wedding cake our selves.


And I was really happy for the result. The stand was made from an old tree that had beed cut down .


And instead of the traditional cake topping, we decided to put two miniature peacocks.

For our wedding cake I decided to make a butter cream in the middle with cream cheese, butter, cocoa and mint.

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