Live a More Self sustainable Life


In my blog series “what this trip has thought me” – I’ve now reached the subject of a more self sustainable lifestyle. This is really something that has been on my mind for quite a while now, even before our travels. But traveling only inspired me even more to do so and gave me some ideas on how!
Seeing how our world today is becoming more and more dependent on other things than one self I can’t help but wonder – how have we come this far, in this short of time?
Not only are we dependent on others growing and producing our food, but more and more are we becoming dependent on everyone and anything else to do things for us.
We no longer take care of our own kids, the kindergarden, school and after school activities are. Some even say that they are expected to raise our children and make sure they don’t turn into brats – and If they do – it’s the institutions fault.
Our food is also becoming a big subject. It needs to be fast, convenient, taste good and healthy. But how do we get all that? Microwave food is popular, fast food, ready made food at the grocery store (just add water), restaurant visits and so on.
But why?
It’s because everyone needs to work and preferably have a carrier. If you don’t you aren’t living up to todays norms for society. A stay at home mom is in my country in many cases considered crazy or so I’ve heard. How wrong is that?
Don’t get me wrong I respect and understand people that have that way of life, because I see how in many cases they don’t have a choice.
I could go on and on how the world is becoming, what is frightening and so on, but I won’t, Hopefully you are getting the picture.

Instead I will focus on my own goal to be different and live a more self sustainable life.

At the moment we are buying an old house in my home town Æduvík, as our first step. Having our own house means that we don’t need to pay for anyone else’s mortgage anymore, but are paying of our own dept. Also my parents are famers in the village and we are welcome to use some of their land just in front of our house to grow our own vegetables and herbs.

I per principal don’t buy any ready made, just add water, foods. I love cooking and am really interested in learning more about food, cooking, growing your own, harvesting, canning, drying and so on. So I always try to make everything I can from scratch.

When our house is ready to move into, me and john are getting chickens – both for eggs and meat.
Our home is also going to have a fireplace that burns wood, so that we can heat up our house without using to much oil.

And of course my parents are farmers, so we try to help out as much as we can get some meat working for them.

Also one really inspiring thing we learned on our trip was how to avoid to much trash. Even though trowing trash away is free here in the Faroes, dosen’t mean it’s right. We through way to much away every day, instead of reusing, repurposing, composting and so on. My goal is to at least divide our garbage in half and be more aware of what it is we trow away. Composting is also something we are getting into, once we move in our new house.

There is nothing I would like to avoid more than being dependent on someone else or something else. Of course at the moment I know I am, both on my husbands income and the small amount of money I will get for studying. But sometimes I have to take a bite of the sour apple, as we say here.

My dream is to be able to live almost entirely self sufficient, have my own business, grow my own vegetables, have our own little farm, own a cow for milk and other milk products, have our own house, take care of my own children when they come, make our own food from scratch, fix everything our selves that needs to be fixed, store and can our own food and so on.
Some might say that this will be hard work and I am sure it will be, but I’ve seen people do it with my own eyes and they are true heroes in my eyes.

When living on the ranch in Canada for a month, we saw how a family could live 20 minutes from the nearest anything and get along with what they had. The mother even homeschooled her children, which is the coolest thing ever. Although life on the ranch could be hard sometimes they got by and seam to have made a very good life for them selves. I admire them and will forever be grateful for the time we got to spend there at the ranch.
They are the inspiration to many of our goals and hopefully we will be able to reach at least half of them.

In the Faroes it isn’t really all that easy to be self sufficient entirely, most vegetables and plants don’t grow here. We don’t have trees. It’s cold and bad weather most of the time. Many laws are stupid and unworkable and make it hard to be self sufficient.

I am sure I have forgotten some things in this blog, but hopefully you get the idea of what I mean and will be able to follow our process to a new way of life.

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