With the days getting shorter, wind blowing harder, more rain, more storms and what feels like -3 Celsius sometimes, we definitely know that Autumn is here. Yesterday I took my brothers for a walk up the mountain.
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Trend – Wool & knitted inspiration!

Soul Made

Living in The Faroe Islands you can definitely tell that Autumn/ Winter and many faroese designs for that matter are inspired by wool, knitting and knitting patterns. And that of course is totally understandable, since wool and knitted clothing keeps us warm in the cold climate this far up north.

This blog is therefore a combined tribute to some of my favorite woolen/knitted inspired creations at the moment – Mostly faroese designs of course. Continue reading

Our Home – The View


Now that we are living in a small apartment  while waiting for our house to get totally renovated I can’t help loving it! Even though the place is very small, old, in bad shape and cold as ****. The view is amazing!! I can’t describe it in words, but these pictures might give you an idea.

All of the Pictures are taken from our bedroom window.

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Coming in October – Cold Love

While traveling in North America this summer, one of our stay’s was with Lonnie Dupre up by Lake Superior.

After hosting our friend Stevie in The Faroe Islands last year, she left us his book “Life on Ice” to read and the stories where breathtaking. And  listening to some of the stories straight from “the horses mouth” so to speak, was even more exciting.

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