Trend – Wool & knitted inspiration!

Soul Made

Living in The Faroe Islands you can definitely tell that Autumn/ Winter and many faroese designs for that matter are inspired by wool, knitting and knitting patterns. And that of course is totally understandable, since wool and knitted clothing keeps us warm in the cold climate this far up north.

This blog is therefore a combined tribute to some of my favorite woolen/knitted inspired creations at the moment – Mostly faroese designs of course.First of all – My favorite Soul Made. Never seam to disappoint!

The outfit above is my absolutely stunning! Love the knitted, casual stile combined with some edge.

Soul Made1

Also this very raw almost biker looking woolen jacket will for sure keep you warm this fall/winter.


Also the classic cardigan with the embroidered classic knitted inspired star is always a safe choice and might just be my next purchase.  I recently bought a Soul Made cardigan and it is definitely being well used – love the way the quality and style make any outfit perfect.



STEINUM, with the goose pattern this fall kinda talks to me. Although a bit cliche and funny – it’s somehow trendy and awesome at the same time.

Especially the sweater with the navy blue border is my favorite – would look good on John without a doubt.

Rebekka á Fjallinum

Another, kind of unheard of designer is Rebekka á Fjallinum, selling her sweaters at Østrøm in Tórshavn has this adorable piece.

Erla Perla

On the accessories side Erla Perla has these adorable plexiglass jewelry with a knitting pattern as shape.


And Puntus – by Krista Davidsen has some awesome purses and wallets with traditional faroese knitting patterns and colors.

Jórun Høgnesen

On the home front the knitted rocks are a really cool and unique idea – Made by Jórun  Høgnesen.

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