Challenge Accepted! – I’m jumping in the ocean

A new trend in The Faroe Islands at the moment is to jump in the ocean and then nominate two other persons t do the same within 24 hours. If you choose not to jump, you owe the person who nominated you a ticket to the cinema. It’s been a real epidemic this Easter and especially yesteday there where lines of people at some places to jump in the ice cold ocean, just to avoid paying 85 kr. (19 dollars). I swore that if I got nominated I would pay the ticket and be done with it, but then when my brother nominated me I saw it from another angle. Everyone is doing it, it brings people together and gives them something to talk about- Even both of my in laws did it and they are in their 50’s. So for the sake of group pressure and not being a wuss I now can say that I have jumped in the Atlantic Ocean and Yes it is COLD!

John ofcourse had his big role in everything – you can see his video here :