Oblivion – What a Movie!


Last Thursday I went to the cinema with some of my friends. And since two of them are guys we usually end up watching either a horror ( Witch we LOVE)  or some action/science fiction movie.

And I can tell you right away that I am not a fan of action/science fiction!

But this movie! It was actually really good and managed to hold us girls quiet during the entire movie ( Says a lot about it, since us women have a tendency to talk when we get bored). Continue reading


Easter Vacation Day 3 <3

Day 3 was kind of a slow day for me, I have not been feeling good for some days now. So day 3 was mostly spent in bed watching Downton Abbey and Sound of Music. But me and John did however manage to go for a walk late Friday night about midnight. And I am sure glad we did, the sight was STUNNING!!! Continue reading

Another Lovely Day in The Faroes


I had to go to a meeting in Tórshavn tonight, so me and John decided to just stay in the capital.

I’m sure glad we did. First of all we went to this art expedition and Photo expedition opening in Østrøm.

The art expedition is calles “Hipsters – Toilet photos” and the paintings are made by Kristina Joensen.

I actually quite like the paintings, they are small and full of colour. I especially like the one with the puffing. Continue reading

24 – And Still Going Strong!

Woke up this morning to breakfast in bead – John had even made American pancakes himself, even though he never actually makes any food. But they tasted delightful !

I am not having a birthday party or anything, since we are living with my in-laws at the moment ( saving money for our upcoming adventure).

So John has decided to take me out for Sushi tonight. Can’t wait!!

But first we are going to a mini spa treatment, meaning a bubble bath at the local swimming pool.

This picture was posted on my Facebook wall this morning – it makes sence hehe.

Will post some pictures from my day, later tonight.