Soul Made Faroe Islands – Still in LOVE!!

The faroese designer brand Soul Made is now Soul Made Faroe Islands. But the new name doesn’t change my love for the brand and their amazing sense for basic design every woman needs in here wardrobe.

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Pop Up Shop – Soul Made


Yesterday Soul Made opened their pop up shop in Tórshavn. So me an john went for a look.
I love their new collection, especially the trench coat, navy blue and stunning!! Unfortunatly I forgot to take a photo, but I’ll see if I can find a photo online.
But john was so sweet to buy me a jacket and dress from last years collection. I love both and will for sure be wearing them tomorrow.
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A knitted Fairytale

Steinum knitwear is characterized by strong colours and eye-catching patterns. The designs are humorous, speckled with a hint of childish naivety. The colour combination is inspired by the way children put colours together, uninhibited by conventions and tradition.

I couldn’t explain it any better my self. I think here cloting is beautiful, happy, makes you smile, brave and outstanding in so many ways.

Here lates project has been ” A Knitted Fairytale” and allthough I haven’t been to the exhibition yet, I sure intend to. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the time. Hopefully!

After seeing some pictures on here Facebook site, I got even more inspired to go see more!

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My Latest Design

Finally got some time this weekend to bring out the sewing machine and make some of my ideas come to life !!

So that’s why I didn’t really have time to blog yesterday.

But this is one of the things I made yesterday and I am quite satisfied. I already started using mine.

I will actually start making and selling these soon, if anyone is interested ?! And have already started making them by request.

Gurðun og Gurðun – Lovely and Elegant

Top w ponpons

Knitted top from the Faroese designer duo Gurðun og Gurðun.

I usually don’t like knitted tops/sweaters and so on. But saw one of the founders of Gurðun og Gurðun wear this to an event last week and I just can’t get it of my mind. It is so beautiful and elegant. Even prettier on than of!

I also like lots of their other items too and surely understand why they are so famous!

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